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Guitarmusic.org was originally launched as a text-only site way back in 1995, and this current version was launched in 1997.  That's a long, long, long time ago in internet years, and this site really, really, really needs to be redesigned (if only to remove the dreaded frames and the awful Comic Sans font).  Unfortunately, I don't have the time or resources to do that (let alone keep the site up to date).   So this site remains an anachronism, and you'll find it most useful if you are seeking historical information about Leo Kottke. - B.A. Head

New additions to the Leo Kottke Web Site
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Contests Enter to Win a Copy of Leo Kottke - Home & Away Revisited on DVD! Guitarmusic.org and Music Video Distributors (MVD) are teaming up to give you a chance to win a copy of Leo Kottke - Home & Away Revisited on DVD before it hits stores on April 4, 2006.
Discography Leo Kottke - Home & Away Revisited This is a re-release on DVD of the Leo Kottke video profile that was originally broadcast on PBS in 1989. The DVD includes Leo's complete performance at the Bathurst St. Theatre in Toronto, as well as many extras, including a jam with the late great Michael Hedges.
Discography Try and Stop Me Track listing and photos of Leo's latest solo recording have been added to the site.
Kottke Network Discussion Board The discussion board has been removed due to obsolescence. New forum software will be installed when I finally get around to redesigning this site...whenever that will be. ;)
Recordings Recordings Updated some recordings, added purchase links to Amazon.com.
Discography Clone Information about the Leo Kottke/Mike Gordon recording released October 8, 2002 has been added.
Guitar Tab Te Veo Transcription available for the tune "Te Veo" from Leo's CD Clone


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