Professional Guitar Tablature

     The two best sources of professional Kottke tab are Stropes Editions Ltd., owned by John Stropes, and Accent On Music, owned by Mark Hanson.

Stropes Editions Ltd.

Stropes Editions, Ltd.       Stropes Editions Ltd. is the foremost authority on Leo Kottke guitar tablature.  John Stropes, who also does tab for other fingerstyle artists including Michael Hedges, is well-known for his meticulous and error-free guitar tablature.  John produced the very first book of Kottke tab, Leo Kottke/Eight Songs, and is now in the process of releasing transcriptions of individual Kottke tunes.

     Tab for the following tunes is available from Stropes Editions, Ltd.   Follow the links below to order the book or individual tab from the Stropes Editions Ltd. web site, or click on the logo above.

TuneWhere Available
Across the Street Individual Transcription
Airproofing II Individual Transcription
Bean Time Leo Kottke/Eight Songs
Blue Dot Leo Kottke/Eight Songs
Driver Individual Transcription
Easter and the Sargasso Sea 20th Century Masters of Finger-Style Guitar
Eggtooth Individual Transcription
Even His Feet Look Sad Individual Transcription
Fisherman Leo Kottke/Eight Songs
Ice FieldsIndividual Transcription
Jack Fig Leo Kottke/Eight Songs
June BugIndividual Transcription
Machine 3 (a.k.a., Vaseline Machine Gun) Leo Kottke/Eight Songs
Mona Ray Leo Kottke/Eight Songs
Morning Is The Long Way Home Individual Transcription
Oddball Individual Transcription
Ojo Leo Kottke/Eight Songs
Prodigal Grave 20th Century Masters of Finger-Style Guitar
Snorkel Individual Transcription
new Te Veo Individual Transcription
Three Walls And Bars Leo Kottke/Eight Songs
You can buy Leo Kottke/Eight Songs from John Stropes' web site (follow links above) or else Buy this at

     For evaluation purposes, here are a few excerpts from tab available from Stropes Editions Ltd.  Click on the link to retrieve an image of the first measure or two of the tab:

20th Century Masters of Fingerstyle GuitarEaster and the Sargasso Sea (158 K)
Leo Kottke/Eight Songs The Fisherman (119 K)
Individual TranscriptionIce Fields (68 K)

Accent On Music

      Accent On Music is another excellent source of professional Kottke guitar tablature.  This tab, created by Mark Hanson, is accompanied by an audio cassette in which Mark walks you through the fingerings of the tunes at half-speed.  This approach is extremely effective at helping you learn the tunes measure by measure, at a slow speed, so that eventually you can play them at Leo's speed.  If you're a Kottke tab virgin, you may want to learn a couple of tunes using Mark's method before tackling John Stropes' tab, which is often more complex.

     Accent on Music has two books on Leo Kottke available:

The Music of Leo Kottke     Buy this at

Leo Kottke Transcribed      Buy this at


TuneWhere Available
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring The Music of Leo Kottke
Busted Bicycle The Music of Leo Kottke
Crow River Waltz The Music of Leo Kottke
Theme from "The Rick & Bob Report" The Music of Leo Kottke
A Trout Toward Noon Leo Kottke Transcribed
William Powell Leo Kottke Transcribed
Little Beaver Leo Kottke Transcribed
First to Go Leo Kottke Transcribed
Times Twelve Leo Kottke Transcribed

     For evaluation purposes, here are some excerpts from tab available from Accent on Music.  Click on the link to retrieve an image of the first measure or two of the tab:

Music of Leo KottkeJesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (121 K)
Leo Kottke TranscribedWilliam Powell (150 K)
Leo Kottke TranscribedTimes Twelve (28 K)

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