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NOTE: When this site was launched back in 1997, Flash didn't exist and YouTube didn't exist. The only way to stream thumbnail-sized video was using the RealPlayer browser plugin. Well, that was in 1997. This is now, and the RealPlayer plug-in is legacy software, so it's no longer supported. There are lots of Kottke videos on YouTube. Go ... there


Audio and video samples are provided in "streaming" RealPlayer format.  To get streaming audio/video, you'll need the RealPlayer plug-in for Netscape and Internet Explorer.  You can get the plug-in by installing the free RealPlayer 5.0. Versions for Windows 3.1, 95/98 and NT are available from this site; versions for the MAC OS, UNIX and Linux are available from the RealNetworks website.

Once you have the RealPlayer installed and configured, select the desired tune/video clip from a drop-down box and you'll go to a separate page where RealPlayer will begin. If you see a broken image, you haven't installed the RealPlayer plug-in or it's not configured properly.

RealAudio/Video Enabled

Click on the icon below to go to the RealNetworks site to download your free RealPlayer.

Get RealPlayer!

Or you can download RealPlayer 5.0 for the following operating systems from this site:

Windows 3.1/NT (1.2 mb)
Windows 95/98 (1.4 mb)

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