First and foremost, my gratitude and appreciation to Dean Gaudet.  Dean is one of the founding members of the On-Line Guitar Archive (OLGA) and is hosting the "Unofficial Leo Kottke Web Site" free-of-charge on one of the OLGA servers.  Dean has given me an e-mail account and as much space on the server as I need.  Not only that, but Dean initiated my interest in doing a site for Leo and put me in touch with some valuable Kottke resources.  Dean was also one of the very first guitarists to create ASCII tab for Kottke tunes and many of his tabs are the basis for subsequent tabs by other guitarists.

     Many other people assisted with the development of this site, either in submitting content or providing feedback on how things could be made better.  As the risk of omitting someone, I'd like to express my special thanks to the following people (with the exception of the first, they are in alphabetical order, not in order of significance):

oJeannine "JT" Taylor, my partner in crime and CEO of Quid Novis Internet Productions, who assisted me with the design of the web site.  Not only does JT tolerate my obsession with this web site and Leo Kottke, but she has been very supportive of my obsession with acoustic guitar.  Thanks, sweetie!
oMike "HeySuz" Adcock, a man who has actually played guitar with Leo, for contributing some photos of this blessed event.  Mike is also one of the infamous "Tab Pigs", so-named because they can't get enough of amateur/pro guitar tablature of Leo Kottke tunes.  Mike has contributed some guitar tab to the site and is currently working on a website for the Tab Pigs.
o"Prince" Phil Andrews, a.k.a. "The Mad Brit," for contributing some guitar tab.  Phil is also a member of the "Tab Pig" group.
oJoe "Bernie" Carpenter, another Tab Pig, for transcribing the liner notes (well, most of them) for the Leo Kottke Anthology.
oJim "Luther" Chelsvig, a luthier who is also a Tab Pig, for contributing some of his own photos taken during a Kottke concert.
oNichael Cramer, for contributing a drawing from a 1970 era issue of Armadillo Comix.
oRobert T. Exter, for his "courtroom sketch" of Leo in concert.
oDoug Henkle, for contributing some supplementary information on the discography.
oRoger Hess, an ex-Tab Pig, for contributing some guitar tab.
oCap'n Jim "Jet" Jarrell, the founding member of the Tab Pigs, for contributing tons of information to the site, guitar tab, and moral support and encouragement to the webmaster.  Jim is a former U.S. Navy pilot and accomplished guitarist (he has accomplished playing guitar without using his ring finger).  Oh yeah, Jim also contributed a photo of himself and "some other guitar player [he] ran into..."  
oJim "the Real" Jasmin, a Tab Pig, for contributing some concert performances.  Have you noticed yet how all these Tab Pigs have nicknames?
oScott "Scottke" Jones, a Tab Pig, for contributing the cover, track listing and production credits for 1971-1976 (Did You Hear Me?), some concert-related material, a number of newspaper articles and guitar tab.
oKate for reviewing the lyrics database and suggesting some corrections.
oStephen Lepp, who contributed the album cover and record information for The Best of Leo Kottke (1987).
oDori Moore, who contributed some interviews and other material from 1971.
oChifuru "Chief" Noda, who contributed some concert-related material.
oPeter D. Olson for contributing a number of album covers and his own photos taken during a Kottke workshop.
oTim Pacheco, perhaps the most active Kottke collector on the planet, for contributing a wealth of information that I used in the discography, as well as a lot of video footage.
oTom Rood, a Tab Pig in training, for contributing a couple of concert transcriptions.
oJoshua Solomon, who contributed the cover for 12-String Blues as well as quite a few concert performances.
oCharlie "Mr. Rogers" Weidhas, yet another Tab Pig, for contributing very accurate guitar tab for "Arms of Mary" and "Jesus Maria," not to mention some other tunes.
oLawrence Wilson, who, along with his brother Andrew, provided some concert-related material.   Andrew is the one who shouts "What do you call that last thing?" during the Leeds concert.
oMario Wolczko for contributing a newspaper article.
oMatt Wright for the CGI scripts used for the guestbook, the search engine and the links page.  Check out Matt's script archive, a key resource for Perl CGI scripts on the web.
oThanks also to those people, too numerous to name, who sent in notes of encouragement and support.

If you contributed something to the Kottke site and I've inadvertently overlooked you, please send me an e-mail and I'll add you to the list.

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