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The Kottke Network is a place where you can interact with others who share your interests in the music of Leo Kottke.  From this page, you can sign the guestbook, enter the chat room, or add (or remove) yourself to the Unofficial Leo Kottke Web Site mailing list.

The options below are no longer available due to obsolescence and the fact I had to move the site to a new host. I'm leaving the text for historical reference. If I ever get around to redesigning the website, I'll provide some new options. - Webmaster (May 2009)

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Sign the Leo Kottke Guestbook

If you have a comment about the Unofficial Leo Kottke Web Site, or a general comment about Leo's music, please sign the Leo Kottke Guestbook.  You can view the contents of the guestbook here.

Join the Leo Kottke Discussion Board

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The Kottke Discussion Board is like an internet newsgroup, where you can post a message everyone can read and also review all the replies to your posting.  Currently, the board has been set up with the following topics:  The Classifieds, Concert Reviews, Anecdotes, Questions & Answers, Guitar Tab, and "The Pigpen."  Join the board now!

Enter the Leo Kottke Chat Room

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If you want more immediate contact with other Kottke nuts, check out Leo's chat room!  You don't need Java or any special plug-ins to use the chat room; it even supports text-based browsers.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe to the Leo Kottke News Mailing List

To subscribe to the Leo Kottke News Mailing List, send an empty e-mail to To unsubscribe, send an empty e-mail to

An digest version of the mailing list is also available. The digest version is sent out every two weeks or 30 messages, which ever comes first. To subscribe to the digest version of the mailing list, send an empty e-mail to

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