Video/DVD:  Leo Kottke - Home & Away Revisited (1989/2006)
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Leo Kottke - Home & Away Revisited
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This is a re-release on DVD of the Leo Kottke profile that was originally broadcast on PBS in 1989.

"Home & Away Revisited" is filled with brilliant artistry and offbeat stories reflecting Leo Kottke's unique view of the world. This previously unavailable sold-out 1988 performance at Toronto's Bathhurst St. Theater has been restored to feature Leo's entire performance, showcasing his masterful six-string, twelve-string, and slide guitar work. It also features Leo's life on the road including previously unseen footage of Leo playing with the late Michael Hedges backstage in Nashville, and a nearby extended performance with Chet Atkins and Doc Watson at a photo shoot. On location in Minnesota, Leo takes us on a tour of some of his favorite spots around the house and the property. This DVD is pure Leo.

Track List:

  • Taxco Steps
  • Ojo
  • I Yell at Traffic
  • Everybody Lies
  • Air Proofing Two
  • Rings
  • Short Wave
  • The Ice Field
  • Last Steam Engine Train
  • Pamela Brown
  • The Late Zone
  • Louise
  • The Train and the Gate
  • Vaseline Machine Gun (medley)
  • Regards From Chuck Pink
  • Jack Fig
  • Little Martha
  • Cripple Creek

DVD Extras (previously unreleased footage):

1) Leo visits Lawrence Brothers Records, Nashville
2) Leo runs into John Hartford
3) Gruhn Guitars sequences, Leo looks at Guitars with John Hartford
4) Leo's Basement, Another Guitar Story
5) SONG: Theme from "Doodles" - Dressing Room jam with Michael Hedges, Nashville
6) "Egg tooth" (song fragment) & Mona Ray - Dressing Room jam with Michael Johnson
7) Leo and Doc Watson chat Backstage at the Nashville Network
8) Leo meets the MacArdles Backstage at the Nashville Network
9) Sound Check at Nashville Now

Other Info:

Label:  MVD
Selection #:  MVD0503D
UPC:  022891050391
Running Time:  106 mins
Audio:  5.1 Surround Sound
Format:  DVD
Region Code:  0

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