Amateur Guitar Tablature
The following amateur guitar tabs are provided for personal educational and entertainment purposes only.  The webmaster assumes no responsibility for what you do with these tabs.  They have various authors, including the webmaster, and no guarantees or implications of accuracy are made.  Use at your own risk. (Note:  Use the "back" button on your browser to return to this page after viewing a tab.)
6 & 12 String Guitar Brain of Purple Mountain
Last of the Arkansas Greyhounds
Sailor's Grave
Tennessee Toad
Driving of the Year Nail
Greenhouse The Last Steam Engine Train
The Song of the Swamp
Ice Water All Through the Night
Mudlark Bouree
Cripple Creek
Ice Miner
Dreams and All That Stuff Open Country Joy (Constant Traveler)
Hole in the Day
Why Ask Why?
My Feet Are Smiling Eggtooth
Living in the Country
Guitar Music Part Two
Available Space
Burnt Lips The Train and the Gate
Leo Kottke White Ape (hint)
Up Tempo
A Shout Toward Noon Three-Quarter North (hint)
Little Martha
A Virtuoso Is His Own Reward
Regards From Chuck Pink I Yell at Traffic
Taxco Steps
That's What Jesu Maria
Peculiaroso Arms of Mary
Room Service (at the Tahiti Motel)

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