Acoustic Guitar
Article:  "In Search of the Great American Guitar Concerto."  J. Stropes and J. Ohlschmidt. Acoustic Guitar.  ?.  Mar-Apr 1991

Article:  "Words and Music:  Leo Kottke's Travels with Guitar and Voice."  J. Ohlschmidt. Acoustic Guitar.  3:50-56.  Nov-Dec 1992

Record Review:  Peculiaroso.  Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.  Acoustic Guitar.  4:14.   May-Jun 1994

Article:  "Paradise Found  Rickie Lee Jones Moves Deeper into World of Acoustic Music." S. Solondz.  Acoustic Guitar.  4:48+.  May-Jun 1994

Article:  "Guitar Summit  a Roundtable with Joe Pass, Pepe Romero, Leo Kottke and Paco Peña."  J.P. Rodgers.  Acoustic Guitar.  5:62-4+.  Jul-Aug 1994

Article:  "Leo Kottke:  Steel-String Storyteller."  J. Ohlschmidt.  Acoustic Guitar.  3:38+. Aug 1995

Review:  Leo Kottke Live.  J. Jensen.  Acoustic Guitar.  39:19.  Mar 1996

Review:  Standing in my Shoes.  Simone Solondz   Acoustic Guitar.  ??  May 1997

Article:  12 String Guitar.  Author.  Acoustic Guitar.  ??  Nov. 1997

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