Kudos for the Unofficial Kottke Web Site
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Another site with extensive resources -- Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Great web page...Leo's gang should take notice and put you on their staff :-) -- Ed Luskey, ON Canada

I would like to add my congratulations to your long list of compliments on this fabulous web site! It truly is an incredible resource for hard core LK fans and aspiring fingerpickers. -- Hank Alinger, MD USA

I was very pleased to find this homepage -- Alex Hershey, DC USA

Kudos...for such an inspiring and awesome page on one of the greatest guitarists to ever live. Keep it up!!! -- David Fitzjarrell, OK USA

Great site! I stumbled on it by chance today. -- Randy Richardson, AZ USA

Wow! I was pleasantly suprised to find this site. -- Theresa Allison, CA USA

...I'm really jazzed to find this site. -- John C. Davenport, TX USA

I'm only 12 but I love Leo Kottke and I love this web page. -- Robin Barklis, OR USA

Glad to see a site dedicated to this fine artist -- Wayne Pereno, RI USA

Keep up the good work on this website -- this is the best I've found!!! -- David Fitzjarrell, OK USA

This is a great site!!! -- Paul Lackner, WI USA

Very nice site. -- Rick Miller, MI USA

Very well done. -- Don Richardson, USA

Great Job! -- Bob Kent, CO USA

This is a great site!... Nice work! -- Carl Volk, NV USA

Great page! I have been looking for something like this for quite some time. -- Jim Kiefer, KY USA

Thanks for a great page!...a true labor of love. -- Michael Cantine, NJ USA

Totally stunned! I've only bounced in cyberspace for about 2 months and this is the most fun I've had. -- Jim Chelsvig, IL USA

It's just reaffirming to know such a nice resource exists for such an influential artist. -- Paul Acquaro, USA

Wonderful site for a long-time fan! -- Wes James, FL USA

Excellent site. -- Noel Hynes, Melbourne VIC Australia

A wonderful setup -- Rob Garner, Windsor England

Congrats on a great site. I'll be spending more hours here soon. -- Evan Goldfine, NJ USA

Amazing! -- Geoff Smith, NF Canada

Great web site! -- Terry Watson, OH USA

Thank you for this great site. I have been searching the web for info on Leo and your site was exactly what I am looking for -- Burke Roberts, PA USA

What a great site!... a great job on a page devoted to my #1 guitar hero!!! -- Jim Jasmin, CA USA

Thanks for a really nifty Web site -- Bear Thompson, CA USA

Without a doubt, a masterpiece and a plethora of information. -- Ed Moreau, CA USA

This is really an impressive site, great work! -- J. Buermann, IL USA

You have done fine work in putting together this info. Clear. Comprehensive. (My first time on this internet thing) -- David, USA

Nice site - very informative stuff about Leo -- David Cutter, OR USA

Great Site. -- Wes Collins, GA USA

Thanks for all the work on this site! Great job! -- Mark Hermann, CA USA

Great site!!!...Thanks for all your effort.. I will be back!! -- Wayne Vohnoutka, WI USA

Kudos on the Leo site. -- Jim Ruberto, CO USA

A pleasant surprise to see so much info -- Martin Smith, Barnstaple England

This site is CHOCK FULL OF INFORMATION. -- Michael Ramm, AL USA

Hey, great stuff, this is my first trip on the web, blown away. -- Ashley Hazelwood, Melbourne VIC Australia

Excellent page. I am very impressed by the combination of fanaticism and professionalism. -- Drew Nelson, TX USA

An excellent resource. -- Lawrence Wilson, Dover England

What a wonderful homepage! Extremely well done, easy to follow. Kottke himself should visit and give an applause! -- Pattyoday, PA USA

Thanks for the great page! -- Jim McGowan, CA USA

Thanks for investing the time and energy to make this web site. -- Robert J. Shoemaker, MS USA

This is a terrific site!! ... keep up the terrific work!! -- Doug Halsey, KY USA

By far the best site I've found yet! Thank you. -- Mike Adcock, IN USA

Your site is awesome! -- Mark Krischak, CA USA

I would like to say "job well done". -- Andy Aley, WA US

Great job, great site. -- David Perilman, OH US

This is an excellent resource. Congratulations on a job well done. -- Randy Hughes, TX USA

This is cool! -- T. Sumitomo, Brisbane QLD Australia

Thanks for all the great info. -- Ingmar Viohl, CO USA

This is all very wonderful! -- Dori Moore, OH USA

I am impressed...I shall return. -- Simon Brassington, Ashwell England

An impressive collection. Nice to see a real guitar hero getting his due. -- Mike Morley, ON Canada

When I found this page I think it was the most sincere "neat" that I ever shouted at the computer. -- Eric Peters, IN USA.

What a great idea. Congratulations and Many Thanks. -- Patrick F. Coleman, IA USA

Leo Kottke is a gift to the world. May this home page and Leo himself continue for a very long time.-- LaskiBlue, MI USA

What else can I pass on but my warmest compliments?-- Michel Couzijn, Amsterdam The Netherlands


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