Recordings:  That's What (1990)

Track Listing

1.  Little Snoozer  3:53
2.  Buzzby  3:57
3.  What The Arm Said  2:54
4.  Creature Feature  4:14
5.  Oddball  2:51
6.  Czech Bounce  3:38
7.  Mid-Air  3:23
8.  The Great One  3:22
9.  "Husbandry"  4:52
10.  Jesus Maria  4:30
Cover from That's What
Album Cover

Production Credits:

Produced By:  Willard Oliver & Leo Kottke
Engineered By:  Paul Martinson
Assistant Engineers:  Scott Bartel & Sam Hudson
Recorded at:  Mike Jones Film Corp., Minneapolis
Mastered By:  Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles

Leo Kottke:  Guitars, 6-String Bass Guitar & Vocals
Billy Peterson:  String Bass & 5-String Electric Bass; Drums; Piano; Synth; Farfisa Professional
Bruce Paulson:  Tenor  & Bass Trombones
Gordy Knudtson:  Percussion
Arrangements by:  Willard Oliver, except guitar on "Jesus Maria" by Tim Sparks.

All songs written by Leo Kottke, ©Round Wound Sound, Inc. (ASCAP), administered worldwide by BUG Music, except "Jesus Maria" and "Mid-Air"

"Jesus Maria" composed by Carla Bley, ©1966  Carla Bley, assigned ©1976 Alrac Music (BMI)

"Mid-Air" composed by Willard O.  Peterson, ©1990 Bilt Publishing (BMI), administered worldwide by BUG Music.

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