Leo Kottke's Discography

Webmaster's Note:

     The history of Leo's early recordings is murky, as it appears that some of his early work was re-released once or twice.  In one interview, Leo mentions that his first two recordings were on the Oblivion label.  However, the only record on Oblivion listed in most Leo discographies I've ever seen is 12 String Blues, of which only 1,000 copies were originally pressed.  Oblivion may have re-released it in 1970, either under the same name or under the name Circle 'Round The Sun, which is one of the songs that appears on the record.  In either case, it is clear that Leo re-recorded most of the tunes on 12 String Blues for the Symposium label in 1970, and that the Symposium record was called Circle 'Round The Sun. -- BH

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