Recordings:  Mudlark (1971)

Track Listing

Cripple Creek (traditional; arranged by Leo Kottke)
Leo - acoustic 12-string guitar

Eight Miles High (McGuinn, Crosby, and G. Clark)
Leo - 12-string guitar and vocal
Roy Estrada -bass
Paul Lagos - drums

June Bug (Kottke)
Leo - bottleneck National steel guitar
Larry Taylor - bass
Paul "Fast Food" Lagos - drums

The Ice Miner (Kottke)
Leo - 6-string acoustic guitar

Bumblebee (Kottke)
Leo - 12-string acoustic guitar and vocal
Kenneth Buttry - drums and percussion
John Harris - piano

Stealing (Kottke)
Leo - 6-string acoustic guitar

Monkey Lust (Kottke, Fowley)
"Peachfuzz stared from the bathroom and said 'What's going on?'"
Leo - bottleneck Nation steel guitar
Larry Taylor - bass
Paul Lagos - drums
Juke Box Phantom - guest vocalist extraordinaire

Poor Boy (Fahey, White)
Leo - bottleneck National steel guitar
Pat "Putter" Smith - bass
Jeffrey Kaplan - piano

Lullaby (Kottke)
Leo - bottleneck National steel guitar and vocal
Larry Taylor - bass
Paul Lagos - drums

Machine No. 2 (Kottke)
Leo - 12-string bottleneck
Larry Taylor - bass
Paul Lagos - drums

Hear the wind howl (Kottke)
Leo - 12-string bottleneck
Pat Smith - bass
Jeffrey Kaplan - piano
Paul Lagos -drums

Bourée  (J.S. Bach - arranged by Leo Kottke)
Leo - 6-string acoustic guitar

Room 8 (Kottke)
Leo - 12-string acoustic guitar

Standing in my shoes (Kottke, Bruce)
Leo - 12-string acoustic guitar and vocal
Wayne Moss - bass
Kenneth Buttrey - drums and cowbell
John Harris - piano

Cover from Mudlark
Album Cover

Production Credits:

Design and Photographs by John Van Hamersveld.

Cover photo taken from the Mt. Wilson Observatory Parking Lot - southwest view above Los Angeles, January 10, 1971.

Produced by Denny Bruce and John Fahey

Takoma Productions
P.O. Box 5403, Santa Monica, Calif. 90405
Recorded at the Sound Factory, Hollywood, Calif.
Engineer:  Dave Hassinger

Liner Notes:

by Leo Kottke

      Four years ago in Minnesota I froze my feet solid as a rock and spent some weeks in a St. Cloud hospital being squirted by a malformed ten year old with a syringe full of water ad having my "feet" started at by assorted appendectomies who wanted some excitement in their lives.  So as soon as I could meander I got my own syringe, doused the kid, and went down to the chapel (it was a Catholic hospital) with a tape recorder.  Sitting beside two nuns in the balcony, I dangled my microphone over the edge and waited for something to happen.  The nuns got worried so I was left alone with my fruity fee, my Magnavox, and an empty room.  For all that bother, and a chapel full or empty isn't very thrilling, I would up with a tape of a cleaning lady performing on her Hoover.  That's when I decided to record my own stuff.  So now after three solo records -- one of which on the expired Oblivion label sometimes turns white and crumbles around the edges -- here's this one with bass and drums on some of the cuts and no crumble.  For four of the tunes I brought my own geese along and on "Monkey Lust" you are fortunate enough to hear the prehistoric, prehensile throat of the Jukebox Phantom, who arrived just in time encased in a shipment from Wasco, Texas.  Since my guitars were stolen, thanks to Lew Jansen for the gift of his Martin and to Fred Gerlach for the loan of the biggest twelve-string I've ever seen.

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