Recordings:  Great Big Boy (1991)

Track Listing

1.  Running Up the Stairs  3:14
2.  The Other Day (near Santa Cruz)  2:54
3.  Great Big Boy  3:38
4.  Driver  3:32
5.  Pepe Hush  3:41
6.  Big Mob On The Hill  2:41
7.  Ice Cream  4:34
8.  Nothin' Works  2:59
9.  Summer's Growing Old  2:52
10.  I Still Miss Someone  3:27

Cover from Great Big Boy
Album Cover
Production Credits:

Produced by Steve Berlin
Mixed at Brooklyn Studio, Los Angeles.
Mix Engineer:  Bob Schaper
Assistant Engineer:  Scott Stillman
Recorded at Paul & Mike's Studio, Los Angeles.
Recording Engineer:  Paul deGre
Margo Timmins vocals recorded by Peter Moore at MDI Productions, Toronto, Canada.
Mastered by Doug Sax & Alan Yoshida at The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles.
All Lead Vocals and Guitars by Leo Kottke.

All songs written by Leo Kottke except "I Still Miss Someone" written by Johnny R. Cash & Roy Cash, Jr.
All songs published by Round Wound Sound, administered by BUG Music except "I Still Miss Someone" published by Chappell and Co, ASCAP.

Liner Notes:

My earliest memory is of water.  I was submerged in it.  I had stepped off a dock into Clark Lake.  Before my Aunt Rui jumped in after me I had time to hit bottom - the lake was about three feet deep - and look around.   A bubble had formed around my head and I could breathe in it.  I was two and a half.  I learned this much:  adults could not breathe underwater, but a child could do anything.  About four years later, I held a paper bag above my head and jumped off a roof.  Instantaneously, I reached full speed and slammed into the ground.  I learned this much:  adulthood begins at six.  -- Leo Kottke

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