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For ultimate viewing of the unofficial Leo Kottke web site, it is recommended that you:

set your screen resolution to 800 pixels by 600 pixels
Computer image
use a 16-million colour video driver (if you have one!)
use Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher as your browser
set your base font size in Netscape to 9 point (if using Netscape 3.0) or 8 point (if using Netscape 4.02)
if using Internet Explorer 3.02 or lower, set your font size on "smallest"
install the true-type font Comic Sans MS. Here's a sample:

Font Sample
If you have this font installed on your system, the text you are reading now will look similar to the sample shown above.  If you don't have Comic Sans MS installed, you can download a version below:

Download Comic Sans MS for Mac [ComicSansMS.sit.hqx., 152KB, BinHex file]

Download Comic Sans MS for Windows 95 & Windows NT [comic32.exe: 178KB, self-installing file]

Download Comic Sans MS for Windows 3.1 & Windows 3.11 [comic.exe: 102KB, self-extracting archive]


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