Recordings:  Balance (1979)

Track Listing

Tell Mary (2:59)
I Don't Know Why (2:30)
+Embryonic Journey (3:15)
Disguise (3:09)
Whine (3:28)
Losing Everything (2:32)
Drowning (3:16)
Dolores (4:09)
1/2-Acre of Garlic (2:43)
++Learning the Game (4:06)

Cover from Balance
Album Cover

Production Credits:

All songs written by L. Kottke except:  + J. Kaukonen  ++B. Holly

Produced by Kenneth Buttrey

Published by Round Wound Sound (ASCAP) except:  +Icebag Corp. (BMI)  ++Peer International (BMI)

[Other credits on CD jacket unreadable]

Liner Notes
by Leo Kottke

     We live on the edge of town with a big front yard.  I get up in the morning about noon and make my way through the dogshit to the mailbox to get the mail.

     I often pause to think at this point, but then, the dog is emblematic of civilization and, without civilization, we could be riding on horses without umbrellas and spending our lives waiting to skewer badgers on sticks.

      With civilization we bring actual animals with voices like saxophones right into our homes where they defecate at will.  And then we blame the animal for being so dumb.

     At Christmastime, trees, as well as living animals, are brought into the house.  Little silver balls are hung from the tree.  And food.  Popcorn, cranberries and candy canes rotting in the forced-air heat.

      But what can compare to seeing that first sled under your tree in Oklahoma, where it hasn't snowed for the last eight years.

      Actually, my sled was not under the rotting Christmas tree but, for some odd reason, hidden in the kitchen stove with its rear end protruding from the oven door.  "Go in and get it, Leo!" my parents said, delighted with that wide-eyed look their kids always got at Christmastime.

     But often times, standing at the mailbox, none of these musings will soothe, and, in a bathrobe at noon, with my right hand deep in a mailbox and left foot buried in turd, I succumb to despair.  -- 1979

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